101 In 1001

101 in 1001

In the midst of finishing my Bachelor’s degree and starting (and now almost finishing) a PhD I feel like I’ve had little time to do things that I want to do. When I stumbled across the ‘Day Zero Project‘ I felt like this was something I could take a stab at to get a little bit more balance back in my life.

I’ve set up a list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days (approximately 2.75 years). It’s definitely going to be a challenge but for me this is less about completing everything and more about trying. I have a massive fear of failure and am hoping that this list will help me to conquer that fear. There’s a range of things from travelling to far flung places to knitting a scarf and saving money. Everything on the list is something I’ve wanted to do for sometime and here’s hoping I finally can cross some of them off!

I’m planning to keep a track of as many of them as I can on the blog so you can keep me accountable and see just how successful I am in completing 101 in 1001.

Start date: June 1st 2017

End date: February 27th 2020


[1] Learn to speak Arabic

[2] Watch an international rugby match

[3] Knit a scarf

[4] Do the splits

[5] Grow a chilli plant

[6] Wear something I’ve made

[7] Upcycle a piece of furniture

[8] Learn how to play chess

[9] See sunrise and sunset on the same day

[10] Take a make up lesson

[11] Read the Quran in a year

[12] Finish a ‘Wreck this journal’

[13] Pray more often

[14] Make a patchwork blanket

[15] Be completely honest for a week

[16] Tie dye a piece of clothing

[17] Decorate the inside of my wardrobe with polaroids

[18] Learn to play a song I love on piano

[19] Finish a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

[20] Find a podcast I love to listen to

[21] Have a Star Wars marathon

[22] Take myself for coffee regularly

[23] Make my own glass bauble

[24] Join a choir

[25] Keep a journal for a year


[26] Graduate from my PhD

[27] Preform at an open mic

[28] Sell my poetry on Etsy

[29] Buy a new camera lens

[30] Sit the GAMSAT

[31] Start a Youtube channel

[32] Get my first graduate job

[33] Be a speaker at a conference

[34] Design a media kit for Copperpoet


[35] Own a pair of Louboutin shoes

[36] Change my glasses

[37] Own a record player and vinyls


[38] Save £5000

[39] Have a no spend month

[40] Start selling my unwanted items

[41] Save £10 for every task completed


[42] Donate blood

[43] Donate my hair

[44] Volunteer for a year

[45] Donate £10 for every task completed


[46] Give up take away for 30 days

[47] Get a massage

[48] Go vegetarian for 30 days

[49] Do a week long digital detox

[50] Workout 3 times a week for a month

[51] Drink water exclusively for a month

[52] Learn to ride a bike

[53] Become happier with my body

[54] Swim 10 lengths of a 25m pool without stopping

[55] Take part in a fun run

[56] Finish an entire colouring book

[57] Try acupuncture


[58] Learn to make macarons

[59] Have a beach BBQ

[60] Go for afternoon tea

[61] Try 5 new restaurants

[62] Take a cookery class

[63] Go strawberry picking

Loved Ones

[64] Treat my family to dinner

[65] Send 10 ‘just because’ gifts

[66] Host a family game night once a week for a month

[67] Get professional portraits done for Mam

[68] Send my parents on holiday

[69] Treat my sister to a day of whatever she wants

[70] Plan a surprise for someone I love

[71] Buy my Nan flowers regularly


[72] See a West End show

[73] Read 100 books

  1. One of us is lying  2.
[74] Attend a concert

[75] Watch 5 documentaries

[76] Attend the Hay Festival

[77] Visit 5 museums

[78] See a stand up comedian

[79] Receive 100 postcards from postcrossing.com

[80] Listen to 100 TED talks

[81] Visit the Louvre

[82] Visit the Wellcome Collection

[83] See a spoken word poet


[84] Take a hot air balloon trip

[85] Learn how to surf

[86] Go ice skating

[87] Go white water rafting

[88] Try stand up paddle boarding

[89] Go sky diving

[90] Fly a kite

[91] Try 5 new walking routes

[92] Spend the day at Go Ape

[93] Visit a theme park

[94] Climb a mountain


[95] Celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh

[96] Visit Disneyland Paris

[97] Go to Italy

[98] Travel to Barcelona

[99] Own a cork board map

[100] Take part in the rickshaw run in India

[101] Visit the Maldives


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  1. June 3, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    This sounds such a cool project and I love your goals, you have inspired me to make my own! I also love how people see youtubing and blogging as a profession now, that it counts a lot towards your CV 😀 I really love that! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

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