Sisters Who Lunch: Wagamama – Mill Lane, Cardiff

Wagamama firecracker curry

After attending a meeting with my company I decided to meet my sister in Cardiff for a spot of lunch. We opted for Wagamama as we both fancied light and flavourful. It was a stunning day and teamed with an ongoing graduation we weren’t sure if we would find a table. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long and decided to sit outside and soak up the sun whilst we could.

The service we received was quick and I cannot fault it. We were sat and allowed to peruse the menu and a leisurely pace. Eventually we settled on a main course and side order each. If you’ve never visited a Wagamama before then they aren’t a traditional restaurant that brings out food all together. Instead, they bring out the food as soon as the dish has been prepared. Personally, I find this is great when you are in a larger group but when it’s just two of us I prefer to wait. Even though there was some delay between all of the dishes it wasn’t long before out entire order was on the table and everything was still piping hot.

Wagamama teriyaki salmon soba

Saira chose teriyaki salmon soba. Grilled salmon on soba noodles and packed with vegetables. When it arrived it didn’t look like it would taste of much but looks can be deceiving! It had a light nutty taste, a hint of spice, and all the vegetables still had a crunch to them. This dish was accompanied by ebi katsu. Prawns coated in panko breadcrumbs and served with a chilli and garlic sauce. For me, this side was a little over done and tasted rather dry.

Wagamama Cardiff

I chose to go for a curry. Whenever I pick a curry I always choose something that has a kick so naturally I settled on the firecracker prawns which came with steamed rice. Rich in colour and laden with vegetables it looked amazing. Usually I am sorely disappointed in ‘spicy’ dishes as they never meet my expectations. However, this dish brought heat from the first bite! It definitely had my nose running and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t keen on spicy food. As a side dish I went with the chilli squid. Deep fried squid served with a chilli and coriander dipping sauce which is oil based. I really enjoyed it and was glad to find that the squid wasn’t overly chewy making it easier to eat.

Wagamama firecracker prawns

Overall, I have to say we had a great experience here. Despite the fact that it was busy we weren’t rushed and the service was efficient. If you’re stopping in Cardiff and fancy some asian food that packs a punch I would recommend stopping at Wagamama.

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