Out Of This World: Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

On a recent trip to Lush I pick up their Intergalactic bath bomb. At £4.25 it’s one of the more expensive bath bombs but it’s a pretty hefty chunk! This is one that has always caught my eye thanks to its bulk of bright blue interrupted with vibrant pink and yellow. Being a lover of Lush and space I caved and bought it.

Packed with peppermint and grapefruit oil as well as vetivert and cedarwood oils, Intergalactic should really be out of this world. I love anything with grapefruit oil as I find it really does relax me so I couldn’t wait to actually try this out.

I ran a hot bath and said goodbye to the beauty before dropping it into the tub. When I think of space I think of swirling colours and stars and this is exactly what Intergalac

tic does. The base colour of the water becomes a deep blue. The bath bomb itself fizzes along releasing tendrils of pink and yellow. It appears much more vigorous compared to some of the others I have tried and this may be due to the popping candy. The swirls of colour look amazing but they won’t last after the entire bath bomb has dissolved.

Lush Intergalactic

I hadn’t realised until I stepped into the water that I wasn’t just left with a dark bath, reminiscent of a cloudy night sky. Instead there is fine glitter dispersed throughout the water. It smelled rather minty which I like. I found the glitter stuck to my skin even after showering off. The glitter in this bath bomb is both amazing and a pain. Once I drained the bath I was left with a mass of lustre at the bottom and had to give it a good wash to make sure everything was gone. But if you don’t mind a bit of mess then that shouldn’t really put you off.

Have you tried the Lush Intergalactic bath bomb?

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