Lush Swansea Opening Event

Lush Swansea
As Lush Swansea celebrated 10 years they announced that they would be moving to a bigger premises. Great news! A bigger shop means more products and more time to browse around, right? I’ve wandered past Oxford Street and wondered when they would be opening up so was chuffed to find an invite for an opening night event in my inbox.


We walked past the old shop on the night and it was a little sad to see the window boarded up and directing people to the new place. However, on seeing the new shop all sadness was lost. The glassy exterior was piled with products and we were welcomed into the shop with drinks and a Lush lanyard.

Lush Swansea

The first thing I noticed was how homely the shop felt and just how much bigger it was. The walls were packed with gift boxes and products. The old shop used to feel a bit cluttered, everything was held so close together but here it was easy to differentiate the hair section from mouth care and such. They also now have a stunning display of their bath bombs right in the centre of the room which will not help my wallet but brightens up the whole place!

The front of the shop plays host to two demo sinks where products can be shown off. Teamed with the glass front this is bound to catch attention.

Testing Products

Lush Jelly Masks

I chose to visit the skincare section first. Placed at the back of the shop I was informed that there are no speakers back there as they wanted this area to be a little more quiet and relaxing. I’ve tried a lot of the fresh face masks so opted to ask for a demo on the new jelly face masks. I chose The Birth of Venus and Just To ClarifyPopped onto the back of my hand the face masks are cool and gelatinous. They take a little time to get off as you need to almost dissolve the jelly seaweed away. The Birth of Venus left my skin feeling so soft whereas Just To Clarify buffed my skin and brightened it. I placed both my hands together and honestly could believe just how bright one hand was to the other!

Lush Jelly Bombs

Hand in hand with the jelly mask is the release of the jelly bombs. Made with the same alginate that is in the face masks they work like a normal bath bomb and leave a jelly layer on top. The three jelly bombs are The Big Sleep, Green Coconut and Dark Arts. We were treated to a demo of Green Coconut and Dark ArtsIn my opinion Dark Arts stole the show, a grey bath bomb that fizzes away to a bright pink core made to soothe aching muscles.

Lush Dark Arts

Apart from the demos, we were also able to make a bath bomb! Sai and I made Intergalactic (I wrote about it here) and I’m ready to quit my PhD and move to work in the Lush Kitchen.

Best of Luck!

I cannot tell you how much I love the staff at Lush Swansea. I have always felt they go above and beyond with their service. Their opening night was testament to that. Everyone there was on hand and happy to help. I ended up leaving with a nice little collection of products and we were also gifted a little knot wrap full of products at the end of the night.

Lush The Comforter

So to all the Lush Swansea team – thank you for having me and I wish you the best of luck in your new home! I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

If you haven’t popped down to the new shop yet, make sure you do. You certainly won’t regret it!

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