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Wicked is a musical that has been defying gravity for a number of years now. This musical tells the story of the wicked witch of the west and the Glinda the good witch when they both attended university together. For someone who adored The Wizard of Oz this was on my musical wishlist. I originally saw Wicked when it went on tour a few years ago. This time I was lucky enough to see it in the West End  with Ryan as I got us tickets for his birthday.


Whilst the entire cast were amazing, Alice Fearne (Elphaba) and Sophie Evans (Glinda) really were outstanding. Both these ladies really made me feel for their characters and their voices left me with goosebumps for the entire show.


Glinda definitely stole the show as far as costumes were concerned. She went through various changes, each one as ridiculous as the next but so perfect for her character. Elphaba’s typical ‘wicked witch of the west’ style is cemented pretty early on and it’s great to see the iconic style given a nod to in the musical. Other that these two characters the rest of the cast get some outlandish threads once the girls head into the Emerald City. The detailing on the costumes is easy to see and when we were looking through pictures we honestly couldn’t believe just how individual each cast member’s clothing was. I was also very impressed with the flying monkeys and the movement of the wings – an amazing part of the costume design.



Oh my Lord. Everything about the set design in Wicked was amazing. Obviously green plays a key role and it’s incorporated so well. Green fairy lights dotted around the stage add to the magic of Emerald City. I also loved Glinda’s floating bubble and the way it’s able to move around the stage. The prop I cannot stop thinking about though is the giant Wizard’s head that the Wizard of Oz uses to address people. The sheer size on it paired with the movement and sounds made it an absolute spectacle!


If you haven’t had the chance to see Wicked yet I would highly recommend you go and catch it. Along with a fantastic soundtrack it is a feast for the eyes and has a storyline that will take you through highs and lows. Wicked is housed at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London but will be heading out on tour in 2018.

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    • zara
      August 30, 2017 / 6:02 am

      It really was amazing and I definitely have an itch to visit the West End again!

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