Disneyland Paris Tips & Tricks

disneyland paris tips

By now you have probably read my Disney Day 1 and Disney Day 2. I thought I would impart the wisdom I gained on this trip for anyone who is looking to visit the parks. After all everyone wants an enjoyable experience if the visit Disneyland – so here are my Disneyland Paris tips!

It’s All On The App

Sai downloaded the app whilst we were in the parks. Not only is it a map but it’s really handy if you want to check what rides are running and what their queue times are. We saved a lot of time hopping onto things with short queues first and then tackling the long waits.

Comfortable Shoes

I cannot stress this enough. I ended up taking my walking boots along to Disney and even in those my feet started to ache. You are going to be walking and standing for long periods of time so make sure you are able to do so comfortably. The last thing you want is to have to head off early because you can barely stand.

disneyland paris tips

Map It Out

Especially when it comes to the Disneyland park you’re going to need a map. It would be so easy to waste time just wandering around the place but if you want to cross things off your list pick up a map at the park entrance or use the app.

The Left Hand Rule

Some of the queues for rides at Disney split into two separate queues. I had read various posts telling you to use the left hand queue because it moves quicker as less people choose it. I thought it was all a myth. Nevertheless we chose the left hand side every time we could and I kid you not we go onto the rides in no time. I stress – use the left! 

Late Lunches

The parks are obviously busy and considering a lot of families go there are often routines people like to stick to. We found that restaurants were particularly busy around lunch time (12-2PM) whereas if we went later the rush had died down. If you can wait I would recommend doing so. Keep some cereal bars or breakfast biscuits at hand to keep your energy up and it should be no problem.

Do you have any tips for Disney?

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