Ready For Change? – Lush Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

lush metamorphosis

Lush’s Metamorphosis bath bomb seems like an intriguing idea. Ever since its release I have wanted one and Sai gifted me one not too long ago. I have been waiting forthe perfect moment to test it out. I finally took the plunge after a pretty rubbish week at work.

lush metamorphosis

Wow Factor? Hmmm

Filled with cinnamon leaf and black pepper oil the idea of a nice warming bath to soak my muscles was really appealing. But more than anything I wanted to see the colour burst from this unassuming grey bulk. I popped the bomb into the bath and was severely disappointed. It started to fizz away and whilst I was expecting bright vibrant colours to appear I ended up with lacklustre tendrils of pink and yellow coming from the grey orb. Not only that but by the time it had dissolved the bath was left a murky brick red colour. I guess I expected something a little more vibrant but maybe my expectations were too high. Below is the most colourful picture I could get.

And The Rest?

It certainly did it’s job though. There’s a nice spiced smell to the water and I found I was less achy when I got out the bath. Lets face it though, at least 50% of the reason we buy bath bombs is to see what they can do. For £4.50, Metamorphosis was a bit of a let down in my opinion. Maybe I had a dud but I don’t think I’ll be buying this one again as if I want a muscle relaxing bath there are other ways to go around it…

lush metamorphosis

Have you tried Metamorphosis? What did you think?

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