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After turning 25 this year I’m realising just how quick the years are going by. If you read my last post regarding my life you’ll know that I’ve been feeling a little lost and that I really want to start enjoying each day again and finding things I love. With 5 years in hand before I turn 30 I’ve started to think about things I’d like to achieve before I move into my third decade. So, I decided to knock up a 30 before 30 to help me move out of my comfort zone and fall in love with my life again.

1 | Get my TEFL qualification. I want to start helping some people in my community.

2 | Buy a house. This is a big one but I hope to get a foot on the property ladder and have a home that is my own.

3 | Become fluent in a foreign language. I dabble in languages but would love to become fluent and add a third to my list.

4 | Skydive. Anywhere. Anytime. Lets do this!

5 | Visit 10 new places. I have such a bad case of wanderlust. I have a few ideas of the places I would like to visit over the next couple of years but we will see what happens.

6 | Take some more pride in my every day appearance. I’ve never really cared about how I look but I would like to start putting a little more effort into my every day look.

7 | Start a book club. Whether this is offline or online, I don’t mind. I would love to host a book club to chat to people about all things literary.

8 | Graduate with my PhD. The wheels are in motion and I’m so flipping close now.

9 | Become more body positive. This is a big one for me that will take some work but I’m ready to start loving myself instead of punishing myself.

10 | Publish a book. I really want to collate all my poetry into a book to share.

11 | Get another piercing. Nothing wild – maybe just another one in my ear.

12 | Be a speaker at a conference. Although this is a terrifying one I would love to talk about my work/experiences in front of people who are actually interested.

13 | Learn how to surf. Because it seems ridiculous that I haven’t when I live by the coast.

14 | Make a Bake Off worth showstopper. Not being brave enough to actually apply for the show, I’d rather have my friends and family be the judges.

15 | Volunteer for a cause I believe in. I would really like to do some work with Mind since mental health is a cause close to my heart.

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16 | Save £10 000. Any saving would be a bonus but go big or go home, right?

17 | Ride in a hot air balloon. I’ve heard they are technically safer than an airplane.

18 | Run the Disneyland Paris 10K. Look, I’m not one for running but this looks like it could be fun!

19 | Take a photography course. I’ve started to love being behind the camera so I think learning more could only be a good thing.

20 | Take singing lessons for musical theatre. Actually being examined and going through my grades would be the goal.

21 | Trek a well known trail. Either the Inca Trail or the Great Wall.

22 | Start my own business. Maybe it will be this blog or some other idea but I would love to be the brain behind something successful.

23 | Read 250 books. Read all the books!

24 | Spend all day at a spa. This would be perfect.

25 | Go on a ski holiday. We always go away to the warmest places but I would love to try a ski holiday and see if it is my type of trip.

26 | Experience acupuncture/cupping. I’ve heard so many positive things about both of these methods that I can’t help but want to try it.

27 | Watch a Wales international rugby game. Proud of the boys no matter what.

28 | Invest time in my blog and vlog. It is something I love and I want to be able to give more time to in order to see it flourish.

29 | Take a trip to Disney World and Universal. I’ve been saying this for years and seeing so many people visiting is making me envious!

30 | Get PADI certified. I love the water and being PADI certified means I’d be able to dive when I travel.

There you have it – my 30 before 30. There are some easy things on the list and others that may take a bit of time but with 5 years ahead of me I don’t think anything is impossible. Here’s to making the rest of my 20’s something to remember!

Whats on your bucket list?

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