Enamel Pin Wishlist with Old English Company *

Enamel pins on a white background. Tiger with the words 'Go Get 'Em'. Black banner with the gold word 'Hustle'. Black whale with silver words 'I Whaley Love You'. Words 'Coffee First'. Pink rectangle with gold words 'Squad Goals'

Since our little trip to Disneyland Paris, I’ve become obsessed with pins. I’m currently in the process of decorating my work lanyard and so I’m constantly on the hunt for some cute pins. So, when I found Old English Company and saw the array of enamel pins they had to offer, it took no time at all for me to fall in love. After having a browse I’ve put together a small wishlist of the pins I want from Old English Company.

1) Go Get ‘Em – I’m sure this is the cutest pin I’ve ever seen! Everyone needs a little motivating friend.

2) Hustle – When I want something I work hard for it. A constant reminder on the days I am procrastinating. You have to hustle hard for what you want.

3) I Whaley Love You – If I got this pinned to me and you aren’t appreciating it then I know for certain you aren’t the one. Why waste time on Tinder when this pin can be an (p)indicator?

4) Coffee First – My life motto. Please don’t speak to me before I’ve had my coffee.

5) Squad Goals – I really want to get one and gift some to my friends. Everyone is starting to branch out for work and it would be a nice little reminder to keep in touch.

There are so many cute and quirky pins from Old English Company so it was a bit of a task to whittle them down! If you like the look of these then you have the chance to win a set of pins from them in this competition – but hurry as the winner is announced on May 30th 2018!

What’s your favourite pin? Have you bought anything from Old English Company?

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