Barcelona Photo Diary

Me standing on a balcony in Parc Güell

We just got back from a family holiday over in Barcelona. Surprisingly, this was our first trip to Spain and I’m delighted to say that I had an amazing time. Barcelona truly took my breath away and I wanted to share some of the photos I took whilst away.

Gothic Quarter

Me standing in front of graffiti in the Gothic Quarter

Our first port of call was the Gothic Quarter. We were due to take a 2 hour walking tour around the area however we managed to miss it thanks to us all waking up a little later than expected. Oops! Instead we made our way over and had a wander with Sai giving us some facts she found on her phone. After some wandering we made out was to La Rambla to take a stroll.

Empty street in the Gothic Quarter

Entrance to a Barcelona market

Sagrada Familia

Doors of sagrada familia

We waited until the evening before we made our way over to the Sagrada Familia. As soon as we got out of the Metro station you could see it towering over us. After a quick stop for ice cream we queued and went through security before being unleashed on the basilica. I don’t think words do the structure justice. At the moment the basilica is still being built with a projected finish date in 2026!

View of Barcelona from the top of the nativity tower

Nativity facade - sagrada familia

Facade of Sagrada Familia

Parc Güell

Me, looking off into a distance in Parc Güell

After a gruelling (see what I did there) walk up countless stairs we finally made it into the park. We stopped to see all the monuments that were built there by Gaudi and once again it took my breath away. Even if you don’t see the monuments the park is gorgeous to take a break in.

My sister in front of trees

My dad ruining a shot and my sister looking annoyed

Camp Nou

Cabinet of trophies won by Barcelona football team

On the last day we took a trip down to Nou Camp, which was only 10 minutes away from out hotel. Unfortunately due to the fact the team had a match that night we weren’t allowed access into the dressing room or the tunnel but could still see the museum and take in a view of the pitch from the stands. My football knowledge is primarily based on the Premier League but I know Barcelona is an incredibly celebrated team however I was shocked at just how much silverware they had! Upstairs they have videos playing highlight the history of the club and models depicting the look of the new stadium that they are preparing to build.

Camp Nou viewed from the stands

Model of new Camp Nou stadium

Large screens displaying Barcelona football team

Three days didn’t seem like enough in such a beautiful city and I definitely have plans to head back in the future.

Barcelona photo diary pinterest graphic

Have you been to Barcelona? What did you love?

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