Who Is Zara?

I’m a 26 year old research scientist specialising in regenerative medicine. I’ve dipped in and out of blogging but set up Copperpoet in 2017 after I decided to finally give in to my creative urges and find a place to share them.

You can expect to find me sharing my love of books, life experiences and creative writing as well as the occasional post about beauty and travel. Essentially, I post what is relevant to my life. It’s a digital scrapbook, if you will.

If you’ve happened to stumble upon this blog then I hope you enjoy your time here and leave feeling motivated and inspired. And if not, then I hope you have at least had a laugh at some of the mishaps that occur in my life!


This blog does contain affiliate links from which I earn a small commission. This does not change my opinion on any of the products I write about. Anything featured on this blog is written about with 100% honesty. If you don’t wish to use affiliates then please clear your browser of cookies.

Occasionally I am lucky enough to be  gifted products from companies however these products are only accepted and featured on Copperpoet if I genuinely believe/love the product.