Barcelona Photo Diary

Me standing on a balcony in Parc Güell

We just got back from a family holiday over in Barcelona. Surprisingly, this was our first trip to Spain and I’m delighted to say that I had an amazing time. Barcelona truly took my breath away and I wanted to share some of the photos I took whilst away.

Gothic Quarter

Me standing in front of graffiti in the Gothic Quarter

Our first port of call was the Gothic Quarter. We were due to take a 2 hour walking tour around the area however we managed to miss it thanks to us all waking up a little later than expected. Oops! Instead we made our way over and had a wander with Sai giving us some facts she found on her phone. After some wandering we made out was to La Rambla to take a stroll.

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Disneyland Paris Tips & Tricks

disneyland paris tips

By now you have probably read my Disney Day 1 and Disney Day 2. I thought I would impart the wisdom I gained on this trip for anyone who is looking to visit the parks. After all everyone wants an enjoyable experience if the visit Disneyland – so here are my Disneyland Paris tips!

It’s All On The App

Sai downloaded the app whilst we were in the parks. Not only is it a map but it’s really handy if you want to check what rides are running and what their queue times are. We saved a lot of time hopping onto things with short queues first and then tackling the long waits.

Comfortable Shoes

I cannot stress this enough. I ended up taking my walking boots along to Disney and even in those my feet started to ache. You are going to be walking and standing for long periods of time so make sure you are able to do so comfortably. The last thing you want is to have to head off early because you can barely stand.

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Take Me To…Disneyland Paris 2017 – Day 2

disneyland paris

In my last post I gave you an insight to our first day at Disneyland Paris. So here is a breakdown of our second day at the parks!

Walt Disney Studios

The Studios park is smaller than the main Disneyland park, but in my opinion, no less impressive. I think I actually preferred the look and feel of this park more. Unlike Disneyland it isn’t split into lands but it does have different lots that you can visit.

We originally planned to go straight to Crush’s Coaster after hearing so much about it but after checking the app we saw that Rock N’ Rollercoaster only had a 10 minute wait so we shot over there. I was super nervous about doing this one just because I had heard a lot about it shooting off and looping. Something about not being able to see the track before hand stressed me out a little. We passed a lot of memorabilia in the queue – from guitars to suits and all with Aerosmith blasting in the background. It’s safe to say that I am 100% in love with this ride and would happily do it many times in a row!

disneyland paris

We also stopped over at Armageddon Special Effects. Truth time – I haven’t actually watched the film however I didn’t want to miss out on the experience. Unfortunately the bulk of it was done in French when we had our slot but there were subtitles on the screen. Once you are in the room and going through the scene you appreciate just how special effects are put together and just how close you get to those effects!

jack sparrow

On our travels we managed to join the queue to meet Jack Sparrow. This meet up was definitely worth it. Jack has all the mannerisms from the film and really interacts with you. As an added bonus he is also very good looking.

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Take Me To…Disneyland Paris 2017 – Day 1

disneyland paris

After months of planning we finally took our first ever trip to Disneyland Paris! It really was an unforgettable trip so I thought why not share it with you guys. We booked to go during the middle of September as it meant that the schools were back in session meaning the parks would be a little bit quieter and honestly I am so glad that we did that.

Disneyland Park

I honestly don’t think I will ever forget the feeling of walking up Main Street and seeing the castle in front of us. If I’m completely honest with you I welled up a little when we entered the park. Between the music, the smell of sugar and the scene in front of me, I was completely overwhelmed.

We spent our first day in the main Disneyland Park. It’s made up of various different themed lands and our immediate choice was Frontierland. Kicking off our time in the park we started with Phantom Manor – a journey through the dark whilst enjoying a ghost story. Straight after that we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain. Considering the amount of people who love this ride I was a little worried it was over hyped. However I can understand why people love it and it has become a favourite of mine.

hyperspace mountain

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